About the Appointment I Did Last Night

2 09 2010

Listen as I describe my appointment last night.

Scrotum Massage

29 08 2010

Wow – I look at what search terms bring people to my blog and this was used 2x today already!  I knew there was an interest…

I had a client once that said he’d been to Bangkok and that there were tons of massage parlors everywhere that offered all kinds of different massage.  One that he had gotten was a ball massage for 1 hr.  I didn’t realize it felt that good that it could be massaged for an hour.  I mean, I’ve always massaged it but it’s never been a focus.  I’ve tended to focus more on the “sacred spot” between the nuts and the asshole and massaging the stalk of the cock through the ballsack.  I do play with it, rub it, tug gently on it etc.

I’ve had some clients with fetishes request I get rough with it.

So there ya go.  I do scrotum massage.  But if you want me to spend more time there you’ll have to let me know.

I Don’t Know Why Older Men Turn Me On

17 08 2010

This is one of the kinks I have that surprise a lot of people.  I really mean older like 60+.  These are some of the reasons:

  • they know what they want
  • they are usually very respectful
  • they know how to communicate
  • they know value when they receive it
  • I love making them happy
  • I love seeing them squirm (with pleasure)
  • I enjoy learning new things

Here is why older men like me:

  • I know how to carry on an intelligent conversation or just be peaceful
  • I am good at taking directions
  • I am very familiar with aches and pains that come with aging and know how to make them feel better
  • I am flexible in my treatment – side lying, spending extra time in certain areas, avoiding others
  • I can provide some fetishes to them for more wild/extreme sessions if that’s what they need to feel better
  • I know how to keep an appointment
  • I don’t upsell
  • I stay the whole time of the scheduled appointment

So those are my ideas.  Opinions?  Comments?

How I Am Playful

1 08 2010

When I am giving a massage I watch my client for their reaction to my touch.  If I notice that they like something by their verbal or physical reaction I will do it more – and more.  Most of the time this happens when my client is face down and I get to the glute area.  While my clients are mostly straight as far as sexual orientation, a lot of them like to have their butt played with.  As long as they’re clean I have no problem with that – in fact sometimes I like it!

I myself enjoy anal play so I know that what I’m doing to them makes them feel really good.  I massage all around the asshole and if they push back I push harder.  Some even like insertion of a finger or two.  My most extreme client took a whole fist!  That was pretty intense.

For those who don’t react to anal play I also do groin massage.  When I get to the area where the leg meets the body I use extra oil and rub the tenons in the groin area and all around the base of the scrotum.  When I see that this is causing arousal I will also massage the testicles and penis.  If it seems he likes that then I will lightly scrape my fingernails over his scrotum and up the shaft of his penis to the head.  Again, depending on the feedback I get I will massage the part of the penis that is directly below the head – the generally the most sensitive part.  I will also gently tap it and swat it mixing in different sensations with the rubbing and tugging.  Some clients like me to do all of that while I have a finger in their ass.  I try to find the prostate and massage it gently at the same time.

I do these things at the top of each leg during the massage.  Then at the end of the massage I rub the belly and work my way down to the pubic bone and again massage all over the groin area.  I pull and tug on the scrotum, gently scratch with my finger nails, and rub behind the scrotum.  Again, if they like it I play with their ass and make sure my finger is in there for their climax.

I do much the same thing for women.  Except for women if they want it I am aloud to use my mouth as well.  And yes, on their ass and pussy;)

Please let me know if  you have any questions or comments.


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