While I am happy to visit you in your home or hotel, I offer an incall location.  It is my private apartment that I use exclusively for meeting with clients and my personal projects.  It is clean, smoke and pet free, near the Rio;)

See me on video at Let me know if you’d ever like to make a video with me – I’m always looking for volunteer models. Just shoot me an email at

I love giving intense pleasure.  For the vast majority that is relaxation intertwined with sensual stimulation.  I’m more than a rub-n-tug or an escort – Being with me is a terrific experience.  Many of my clients say the best ever.  I actually enjoy what I do (a lot) and I care about my clients.  I do everything in my power to make sure each session is completely satisfying on every level.

What is my massage session like?

I start out giving my normal thorough therapeutic back massage.  We go from there – with me totally nude, mutual touching encouraged, and us getting to know each other very intimately.  For more details simply read the stories on my blog ;)


$250 1st hour
$50 each additional 30 minutes
$600 for a 5 hour block

Book online 24/7!  If you don’t see an opening for the time you want or are having any problems please email me at

Click Here for a 5 hr block of time ($600)

Perfect for events, sex clubs and couples/multiple sessions


60 Minutes

Click Here to Schedule 60 Minutes ($25000).

If I come to you we can just use the bed.  If you come to me we will start on the massage table:)


90 mins.

Click Here to Schedule 90 Minutes ($300).

If I come to you I will bring my massage table.



Old Fashioned Sensual Massage $250

$50 each additional 30 minutes

Many of my clients do not want “full service” or a “GFE”.  I will stick to whatever boundaries you give me – but the price is still the same:)

To Schedule An Appointment-Send me an email.

Special Services Now Available

4-handed massage for an extra $150 to $250 upon availability

Click the following link to see reviews:

10 responses

12 08 2010

All I can say is WOW!!
Nikki is very professional yet fun. She gives the most wonderful massage that leaves you totally relaxed.
I had such a good time I told her I wanted to move in!! If I could afford it I would be seeing her every day!!!

12 08 2010

Thank you so much Steve! It was a pleasure.

Looking forward to our next appointment,

27 08 2010

Steve said it very well. Professional but very fun. The massage was the most comprehensive and enjoyable I have ever experienced. Helen is a delight and brings special talents to the massage table. What a great team! I can’t wait to get back to Las Vegas.

4 01 2011
12 05 2011
Nikki Ivana

Hi Doug,

Incall is the same as outcall.

Hope to meet you,

14 05 2011
toasty redhead

Right on!

21 08 2011

Just had a 90 min. session with the works yesterday, was more like 2 hours and I felt amazing after. I had been working crazy hours and was tired and sore. The massage was great and the works were just that, the
DELUXE works I went home very relaxed and satisfied.

22 08 2011
Nikki Ivana

It was great for me too! Thanks for writing:)

9 03 2012
Moe Romero

Do you entertain Tickling a man?
Hopefully, we are talking about being restrained without a prayer of getting away.
Hopefully, you enjoy tickling men. Hopefully, you enjoy tickling and are a talented tickler.
Hopefully, you have a sadistic side, so that if you find a good tickle spot, you could be a bit relentless.

I am in ‘Vegas the last week of March, and really need a few hours of pleasure.

30 03 2012
Nikki Ivana

Yes I have had tickling sessions with the receiver lying on the massage table strapped down tight.

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