Tied To The Massage Table

28 09 2010

I have a client that during our first appointment was quit happy to learn that I am very kinky.  So he shared his fantasy with me of being restrained and forced to take a handjob – even past the point of cumming.  After the appointment he sent me some videos so I would know exactly what he was talking about.

Now, he comes over for his 90 minute appointment and for the first hour I massage and tease him.  Then I have him turn over and I get out my straps and strap him securely to the table.  This last time I used rope on his legs – had him spread eagle laying on the table legs hanging off the sides.

Then, I sit on the end of the table and give him a killer handjob.  Every once in awhile I reach up and tweak and play with his nipples which he absolutely loves.  Then I return to his cock and balls.  We go on like that for 20 minutes or so until he can’t take it anymore and shoots.  But I keep playing with his shaft as long as it’s hard (or for as long as he can stand it!).  It is super intense because he flips and flops all over the table.  I just laugh my ass off because I know it’s exactly what he asked for and fantasized about!

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

I guess what I did is very similar to tickle torture.

this would be me



4 responses

14 12 2010

Hi, great blog!

I love your stories.

Do you get mad when guys want a long sensual part of the massage?
I have good control and usually just like enjoying the release part. Sometimes they try to finish me off faster and that turns me on even more. But sometimes it really makes them mad (lol) Like some asian places and some independents – I like to see how good there technique is, whether they can force me to lose it.

Does that annoy you, or have you been in that situation before?


31 12 2010
Nikki Ivana

Hi Chris,

I only have a problem with it if

a) you don’t want to pay for the extra time
b) you need me to grip really hard. I like the challenge of getting you off with a hand job too and I think I give a great one. Thing is, since I do a lot of massage my hands get tired and sore and although I could stroke you and play with your groin area for an hour I could only grip tightly for short periods of time.

Sorry for the slow response and hope to see you in the new year,

9 02 2011

That’s just about the sexiest thing I’ ve ever read! That just happens to be one of my biggest fantasies. Would you be willing to add more explicit pain to the pleasure you described?

9 02 2011
Nikki Ivana

Oh yes absolutely! What you read is the mildest – for more extreme things read my mistress blog at http://www.mistressivana.me

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